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Create a Feature with Patio Sliding Doors

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17th July

Patio sliding doors are one of the most important doors in any home. Patio sliding doors increase the amount of living and entertainment space between indoor and outdoor environments. Choose the perfect patio sliding door to suit your needs and take careful consideration of all your lifestyle and design possibilities.

When designing a home, hands up if you constantly think about furniture, tiles and wall colours? I know I used to. These items often get replaced after a few years as we tire of looking at them. Trends change and sometimes, so do we!

Windows and doors are a large investment and can be easily overlooked in the budgeting process. We generally live with the same windows and doors that came with our home and we expect a lot from them: To provide natural light, maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, provide natural ventilation … Read More »

Australian made windows and doors

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17th July

Ngeringa Cultural Centre

As architectural design evolves, so do the demands and desires of home owners and building developers.

This can put increased demand on design requirements and overall project cost. A global market place offers manufactures and builders access to a wide variety of choices. One option being accessed to perceived “similar” products is overseas imports. However, the question should be asked, how “similar” are these imported products and how protected are you in the event of product failure?

Choosing an imported product over Australian made windows and doors may save you money in the short term, but does it provide you with long-term certification and consumer protection? Furthermore, is your supplier going to be there in 2-3 years’ time in the event of a warranty request?

Another option is European designs, which are often sought after due to the perception … Read More »